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This used to be a link shortener called twirl.at where you could shorten long links to shorter ones. There was a time where you could need this external service to post links to twitter, facebook and other platforms that didn't allow long urls in their websites. That was the time when this website had it's high time and was developed and used.

twirl service suspended

The time has come when twitter, facebook, google and every webmaster had his or her own link-shortening service. Hell yes, I was one of them ;) Since you can just post a long url to twitter, shorten a link with goo.gl and have other automatic services shorten yourlong ones, my website got unnecessary. While the usage shrunk and the spam problem growed, I decided to shut the service down.

All shortened links will work

You might think "WTF?? I used this service and you shut it down? Will my links I shortened some time ago still work?" I can tell you YES, your shortened links are still redirected. But you cannot create new ones for now.

Sorry for this step if you liked my service.
But there are better services out there!